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Lycopus lucidus / Shirone シロネ

Bloom time: August-October.

Lamiaceae / Shisoka



Species in the genus Lycopus:

Lycopus lucidus / Shirone
Lycopus maackianus / Himeshirone
Lycopus ramosissimus var. japonicus / Koshirone
Lycopus uniflorus / Ezoshirone


Lycopus lucidus / Shirone シロネ

Lycopus lucidus is a perennial of about 1m tall herb growing in wetlands with white rhizomes. Stems are thick, with nodes with some white hairs, and the whole, exclusive of the nodes, are glabrous. Leaves densely alternate themselves, 6-13cm long, 1.5-4cm wide, broadly lanceolate, with coarse serrations on margins. Axils generate many orderly small white labiate flowers. Corollas measure about 5mm long, and lower lips are more significant than the lowers. Calyxes are cleft halfway in five, and the lobes are spiny with sharply pointed tips. Stamens are 2 in number. Bloom time: August-October.



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