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Melampyrum roseum var. japonicum / Mamakona ママコナ

Bloom time: Jury-September

Orobanchaceae /


Species in the genus Melanmpyrum:

Melampyrum laxum var. laxum / Shikokumamakona
Melampyrum laxum var. nikkoense / Miyamamamakona
Melampyrum roseum v. japonicum / Mamakona
Melampyrum roseum var. roseum / Tsushimamamakona
Melampyrum setaceum / Hosobamamakona


Melampyrum roseum var. japonicum / Mamakona ママコナ

Melampyrum roseum var. japonicum is a semi-parasitic annual herb inhabiting forest edges, growing up to 20-50cm in height, with long oval leaf with 0.3-1.5cm long petioles, measuring 2-8cm in length, 1-3cm in width. Branch tops emerge inflorescences, in which many 1.4-1.3 cm long red-purple flowers come. Bracts are leaf-like and have hairy, long, pointed serrations. Bloom time: July-September.




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