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Plantago asiatica / Oobako オオバコ

Bloom time: April-September

Plantaginaceae /


Species in the genus Plantago:

Plantago asiatica / Oobako
Plantago camtschatica / Ezooobako
Plantago lanceolata / Heraoobako
Plantago major. var. japonica / Touoobako


Plantago asiatica / Oobako オオバコ

Plantago asiatica is a perennial herb growing on sunny roadsides, wastelands, or even on trodden-down roads. Leaves are all radical, 4-15cm long, 3-8cm wide, in an ovate to broad-ovate, or occasionally oblong, and the surfaces are wavy, and veins are prominent. Petioles are long, and the cross-section is semicircular. Through the radical leaves, a few 10-20cm long flower stalks arise and densely set small flowers in a raceme way. Bloom time: April-September.




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