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Rumex acetosa / Suiba スイバ

Bloom time: May-August

Polygonaceae /

Species in the genus Rumex:

Rumex acetosa / Suiba
Rumex acetosella / Himesuiba
Rumex congilomeratus / Arechigishigishi

Rumex acetosa / Suiba スイバ

Rumex acetosa is a dioecious perennial herb of 0.3-1m in height, commonly seen in grasslands, paths between paddies, or roadsides. Leaves are approximately 10cm long, in a long-oblong-like lanceolate shape, with the bases generally sagittate; the grounds of the upper parts embrace stems. Stem's tips emerge racemes conically and set many small, about 3mm across flowers in them. The female flower's inner perianth lobes become significant in a wing way, embracing achenes. Bloom time: May-August.




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