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Rumex acetosella / Himesuiba ヒメスイバ

Bloom time: May-August

Polygonaceae /

Species in the genus Rumex:

Rumex acetosa / Suiba
Rumex acetosella / Himesuiba
Rumex congilomeratus / Arechigishigishi

Rumex acetosella / Himesuiba ヒメスイバ

Rumex acetosella is a dioecious perennial herb originating in Eurasia; it grows wild on roadsides or in wastelands in various districts; 20-50cm in height, more diminutive than another species, Rumex acetosa, it propagates by extending its thin rhizomes sideways. 2-7cm in height leaves, in the shape of a hastate, and bases project in a pair of ears way. With this species, the female flower's inner perianth lobes stay the same size even after the flower, unlike Rumex acetosa. Bloom time: May-August.





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