Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Salvia akiensis / Terihanatsunotamurasou テリハナツノタムラソウ

Bloom time: May

Family: Lamiaceae / Shisoka

  Species in the genus Salvia:

Salvia akiensis / Terihanatsunotamurasou
Salvia japonica / Akinotamurasou
Salvia nipponica / Kibanaakigiri


Salvia akiensis / Terihanatsunotamurasou テリハナツノタムラソウ

Salvia akiensis, a relatively newly discovered perennial species, occurs in Shimane and Hiroshima Pref., the former inhabiting a shady countryside forest edge. The latter is reportedly on a mountain stream. The 30-50cm tall square-in-section stem organizes a rosette-like mass of leaves with ternate- and pentatrinate-leaves at the base. With lots of prominent hair on the corolla, the light bluish-purple flowers come out in May in the prefecture.




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