Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Sedum rupifragum / Oomenomannengusa オオメノマンネングサ

Bloom time: May-June

Crassulaceae /


Species in the genus Sedum:

Sedum bulbiferum / Komochimannengusa
Sedum japonicum subsp.oryzifolium / Taitogome
Sedum lineare / Onomannengusa
Sedum makinoi / Marubamannengusa
Sedum rupifragum / Oomenomannengusa
Sedum sarmentosum / Tsurumannenngusa
Sedum subtile / Himerenge
Sedum tricarpum  / Takanemannengusa


Sedum rupifragum / Oomenomannengusa オオメノマンネングサ

Sedum rupifragum, endemic to a small, limited portion of Shimane, inhabits steep jagged slopes on a valley. Alternate, long, flat leaves and shorter-than-the-petal stamens characterize this species. Stems crawl, branching, at times, on rocks and grow diagonally upwards on the way to 10-20cm in height. Leaves are of alternate phyllotaxis, each in a linear-lanceolate shape and fleshy. Five-petaled flowers,10-80 in number, 5-7mm in diameter, come in cymose inflorescences borne on stem tips and open flat. Bloom time: May-June.




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