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Silene kiusiana / Ogurasennou オグラセンノウ

Bloom time: July-August


Caryophyllaceae /


Species in the genus Silene :

Silene armeria / Mushitorinadeshiko
Silene firma / Fushiguro
Silene gallica / Mantema
Silene gallica var. gallica / Shirobanamantema
Silene kiusiana / Ogurasennou
Silene sieboldii / Matsumotosennou


Silene kiusiana / Ogurasennou オグラセンノウ

Silene kiusiana is a perennial herb, 60-80cm in height, occurring in wetlands, with downward hairs on stems. With no petioles, leaves are in the shape of a lanceolate, 5-10cm in length, with hairs on both surfaces and margins. Flowers set themselves some in dichasial cymes; petals are 5 in number, red, in the shape of an obovate, with tips finely cleft. Calyxes are long, 2cm, with hairs. Bloom time: July-August.




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