Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Viola brevistipulata var. minor / Daisenkisumire ダイセンキスミレ

Bloom time: April-June

Family: Solanaceae /


Species in the genus Solanum:

Solanum carolinense / Warunasubi
Solanum japonense / Yamahoroshi
Solanum lyratum / Hiyodorijougo
Solanum maximowiczi / Marubanohoroshi
Solanum nigrum / Inuhoozuki
Solanum ptychanthum / Amerikainuhoozuki


Solanum carolinense / Warunasubi ワルナスビ

It is an unfavorable weed that is unmanageable because of its prickles on entire stems and leaves. Solanum carolinense is a perennial seen in fields, roadside, wastelands, riverbeds, etc., expanding its rhizomes long to spread. Stems measure 0.5-1m in height, with leaves 8-15cm in length and 4-8cm in width, alternately arranged. Branch tops bear 6-10 white-purplish flowers in an inflorescence. Bloom time: June-October.




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