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Anemone pseudo-altaica / Kikuzakiichige キクザキイチゲ

Bloom time: March

Ranunculaceae /


Species in the genus Anemone:

Anemone flaccida / Nirinsou
Anemone hupehensis var. japonica / Shuumeigiku
Anemone keiskeana / Yukiwariichige
Anemone nikoensis / Ichirinsou
Anemone nikoensis f. plena / Yaeichirinsou
Anemone pseudo-altaica / Kikuzakiichige
Anemone reddeana / Azumaichige


Anemone pseudo-altaica / Kikuzakiichige キクザキイチゲ

Anemone pseudo-altaica is a perennial herb, 10-20cm in height, found in deciduous forest floors in mountainous regions. On-stem leaves are in a whorl of three; each is of ternately compounds with three deeply cleft leaflets, and margins are serrated. Radical leaves are biternate leaf compounds with long pedicles. Stem tips bear single 3cm-in-diameter flowers; petaloid sepals are in the shape of a linear long-oblong, 8-13 in number, with color ranging from light purple-blue to white. There are many stamens and pistils inside. Anthers white. Bloom time: March-May.



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