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Eriocaulon decemflorum / Itoinunohige イトイヌノヒゲ

Bloom time: August-September

Eriocaulaceae /


Species in the genus Eriocaulon:

Eriocaulon cinereum / Kurohoshikusa
Eriocaulon decemflorum / Itoinunohige
Eriocaulon miquelianum / Inunohige
Eriocaulon robustius / Hirohainunohige
Eriocaulon sieboldtianum / Hoshikusa
Eriocaulon taquetii / Nippon'inunohige



Eriocaulon decemflorum / Itoinunohige イトイヌノヒゲ

Eriocaulon decemflorum is an annual herb occurring in wetlands. Leaves are 3-10cm long, linear, with tips sharply pointed. Scapes are slender, somewhat twisting, and grow to 5-30cm in height. Sheaths at the lower parts are tubular, 3-5cm in length. Flower heads are 3-5cm long, in an obconical shape; involucral scales, green-white, are somewhat longer than the flower heads. Male and female flowers are bimerous; sepals and petals are two in both sexes, and stamens are generally four. Bloom time: August-September.




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