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Ligustrum japonicum / Nezumimochi ネズミモチ

Bloom time: June

Oleaceae /


Species in the genus Ligustrum:

Ligustrum japonicum / Nezumimochi
Ligustrum obtusifolium / Ibotanoki
Ligustrum salicinum / Yanagiibota
Ligustrum tschonoski / Miyamaibota


Ligustrum japonicum / Nezumimochi ネズミモチ


Ligustrum japonicum is an evergreen small tree or tree that grows to as tall as five meters in warm mountainous regions. Leaves are opposite; blades are 4-8cm long, 2.5cm wide, oblong-shaped, with both ends pointed, thick texture, and glossy. Peduncles, 5-12mm long, tinge purple-brown. New branch tips bear 5-12cm long panicles, which set many small white flowers. Fruit, 8-10mm long, 5-7mm in diameter, oblong-shaped, matures in October-December. Bloom time: June.





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