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Ligustrum salicinum / Yanagiibota ヤナギイボタ

Bloom time: June

Oleaceae /


Species in the genus Ligustrum:

Ligustrum japonicum / Nezumimochi
Ligustrum obtusifolium / Ibotanoki
Ligustrum salicinum / Yanagiibota
Ligustrum tschonoski / Miyamaibota


Ligustrum salicinum / Yanagiibota ヤナギイボタ


Ligustrum salicinum: A small deciduous shrub to a tree that rarely occurs in western Japan, with gray barks. Leaves are of opposite phyllotaxis; blades somewhat thin, 6-13cm long, in the shape of a narrow obovate, both ends pointed, and conspicuous veins. Branch tips emerge panicles that set many small white flowers; corollas are white, approximately 5mm in length. Their segments are as long as tubular parts or somewhat shorter and divaricate to bend backward. Filaments are longer than the corolla's segments, and female styles are about 4mm long and project from the tubular parts. Fruit, 8-10mm long, is oblong and matures in black-purple. Bloom time: June.





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