Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物




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Ericaceae / Tsutsujika

Species in the genus Rhododendron:

Rhododendron japonicum / Rengetsutsuji
Rhododendron japonicum f. flavum / Kirengestutsuji
Rhododendron japonoheptamerum var. hondoense / Honshakunage
Rhododendron japonoheptamerum var. okiense / Okishakunage
Rhododendron kaempferi / Yamatsutsuji
Rhododendron lagopus / Daisennmitsubatsutsuji
Rhododendron reticulatum / Kobanomitsubatsutsuji
Rhododendron reticulatum f. albiflorum / Shirobanakobanomitsubatsutsuji
Rhododendron ripense / Kishitsutsuji
Rhododendron semibarbatum / Baikatsutsuji


Rhododendron japonoheptamerum var. okiense / Okishakunage オキシャクナゲ

Rhododendron japonoheptamerum var. okiense, one of the varieties of the elemental species Rhododendron japonoheptamerum, endemically occurs in mountainous areas in the Oki Islands of Shimane Prefecture. The primary characteristics are some leaf margins appearing wavy, the leaves thin but stiff, feeling leathery, and filaments having no hairs at the bases. Bloom time: April-May.




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