Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Stellaria neglecta / Midorihakobe ミドリハコベ

Bloom time: March-November


Caryophyllaceae /


Species in the genus Stellaria:

Stellaria aquatica / Ushihakobe
Stellaria diversiflora / Sawahakobe
Stellaria media / Kohakobe
Stellaria neglecta / Midorihakobe
Stellaria sessiliflora / Miyamahakobe
Stellaria uchiyamana / Yamahakobe
Stellaria uliginosa var. undulata / Nominofusuma


Stellaria neglecta / Midorihakobe ミドリハコベ

Stellaria neglecta is an annual, biennial herb occurring everywhere throughout the country; the whole feel tender and branches well to grow to 10-30cm in height. Stems are with hairs lined up in a row on one side. Leaves are opposite, 1-3cm in length, 0.6-2cm in width, in an ovate shape; those on the upper parts have no hairs. Flowers, 6-7mm in diameter, look 10-petaled, as petals cut almost into their bases; stamens are 4-10 in number, and styles (pistils) three. Bloom time: March-November. 




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