Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物




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Fabaceae / Mameka


The other species in the genus Vitex:

Vicia amoena / Tsurufujibakama
Vicia angustifolia / Karasunoendou
Vicia dasycarpa / Nayokusafuji
Vicia pseudo-orobus / Oobakusafuji
Vicia tetrasperma / Kasumagusa
Vicia unijuga / Nantenhagi
Vicia venosa ssp. cuspidata var. cuspidata / Ebirafuji


Vicia amoena / Tsurufujibakama ツルフジバカマ

This perennial, Vicia amoena, grows wild, creeping in the grassland, the leaves forming some tendrils at the terminal where it should be leaflets. The plant in the pictures found themselves on a river-bank where they can get full sunlight almost all day. Not listed in Shimane RDB, but few observers encounter, therefore, it's valuable. Additionally, a lot of soft hair is observed all around on the stem and leaves.




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