Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


Spring Flowers


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Aceraceae /

  Species in the genus Acer:

Acer carpinifolium / Chidorinoki
Acer crataegifolium / Urikaede
Acer japonicum / Hauchiwakaede
Acer micranthum / Kominekaede
Acer_mono_var._macroratum_f._heterophyllum / Itayakaede
Acer palmatum / Irohamomiji
Acer rufinerve / Urihadakaede


Acer crataegifolium / Urikaede ウリカエデ

Acer crataegifolium, a deciduous shrub or small tree with barks green with vertical black stripes, grows on ridges or close slopes or along trails in mountainous regions. Branches, the young of which are green to dark red-purple, with no hairs. Leaves are opposite, 4-8cm long, 3-5cm wide, cleft not, or shallowly cut in three or occasionally five, tips pointed in a tail way, bases are shallow-heart-shaped, with margins with uneven double serrations. Flowers are dioecious. They are about 10 in number, each 8mm in diameter, light yellow, blooming in 3-5-cm-long racemes with red-brown frizzled hairs on them. Bloom time: April-May.




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