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Ajuga japonicum / Ougikazura オウギカヅラ

Bloom time: April-May

 Lamiaceae /


Species in the genus Ajuga:

Ajuga ciliata var.villosior / Kaijindou
Ajuga decumbens / Kiransou
Ajuga decumbens f. purprina / Momoirokiransou
Ajuga japonicum / Ougikazura
Ajuga makinoi / Tachikiransou
Ajuga nipponensis / Juunihitoe
Ajuga x mixta / Juunikiransou
Ajuga yezoensis / Nishikigoromo
Ajuga yezoensis f. albiflora / Shirobananishikigoromo

Ajuga japonicum / Ougikazura オウギカヅラ

Ajuga japonicum is a perennial herb occurring in the shade of a tree, with stems measuring 8-20cm in height, and as flowering ends, it bears runners at the bases to spread out. Leaves are of alternate phyllotaxis, each with petioles; 2-5cm long blades are cordate, with coarse, wavy serrations on the margins. Light purple and labiate flowers come from the leaf axils on the upper parts. Corollas measures approximately 2.5cm, and the tube portion is slender. Bloom time: April-May.


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