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The other species in the genus Ajuga:

Ajuga ciliata var.villosior / Kaijindou
Ajuga decumbens / Kiransou
Ajuga decumbens f. purprina / Momoirokiransou
Ajuga japonicum / Ougikazura
Ajuga makinoi / Tachikiransou
Ajuga nipponensis / Juunihitoe
Ajuga x mixta / Juunikiransou
Ajuga yezoensis / Nishikigoromo
Ajuga yezoensis f. albiflora / Shirobananishikigoromo

Ajuga x mixta / Juunikiransou ジュウニキランソウ

Juunikiransou, or Ajuga x mixta, is an interspecific hybrid between Ajuga nipponensis and Ajuga decumbens; as is the case for this, hybridization with another species within the same genus reportedly can occur relatively frequently in various places. This hybrid species looks like Ajuga makinoi in shape and color, but a significant difference lies in the form of their perianth's upper lip. With A. makinoi, it sharply cut in, but with A. x mixta, not.




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