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Ajuga x mixta / Juunikiransou ジュウニキランソウ

Bloom time: April-May

Lamiaceae /


Species in the genus Ajuga:

Ajuga ciliata var.villosior / Kaijindou
Ajuga decumbens / Kiransou
Ajuga decumbens f. purprina / Momoirokiransou
Ajuga japonicum / Ougikazura
Ajuga makinoi / Tachikiransou
Ajuga nipponensis / Juunihitoe
Ajuga x mixta / Juunikiransou
Ajuga yezoensis / Nishikigoromo
Ajuga yezoensis f. albiflora / Shirobananishikigoromo

Ajuga x mixta / Juunikiransou ジュウニキランソウ

Juunikiransou, or Ajuga x mixta, is an interspecific hybrid between Ajuga nipponensis and Ajuga decumbens; as is the case, hybridization with another species within the same genus reportedly can occur relatively frequently in various places. This hybrid species looks like Ajuga makinoi in shape and color, but a significant difference lies in the form of their perianth's upper lip. With A. makinoi, it sharply cuts in, but in A. x mixta, it does not. Bloom time: April-May.




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