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Potentilla dickinsii / Iwakinbai イワキンバイ

Bloom time: June-July

Rosaceae /


Species in the genus Potentilla:

Potentilla anemonifolia / Ohebiichigo
Potentilla hebiichigo / Hebiichigo
Potentilla cryptotaeniae / Mitsumotosou
Potentilla dickinsii / Iwakinbai
Potentilla fragarioides var. major / Kijimushiro
Potentilla freyniana / Mitsubatsuchiguri

Potentilla indica / Yabuhebiichigo
Potentilla nipponica / Hirohanokawarasaiko

Potentilla dickinsii / Iwakinbai イワキンバイ


Potentilla dickinsii is a perennial herb inhabiting rocks, occasionally trunks, in mountainous regions. Leaves comprise three to five leaflets, each measuring 2-5cm in length; its backsides are milky white with adpressed hairs. Branch tops setting yellow 5-petaled approximately 1cm-in-diameter flowers in cymose inflorescences. In receptacles, dense white hairs are observable. Bloom time: June-July.





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