Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物
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Persicaria species

Persicaria plants, moved in from the Polygonum genus, bearing lots of tiny flowers on an inflorescence, mainly grow in moist areas. Some are beautiful, and some may not. Either way, they bear little, modest flowers and are worth taking a closer look at.
Persicaria debilis / Miyamatanisoba  Persicaria filiformis / Mizuhiki Persicaria filiformis f. albiflora / Ginmizuhiki Persicaria hydoropiper / Yanagitade
Persicaria japonica / Shirobanasakuratade Persicaria lapathifolia var. incana / Sanaetade Persicaria lapathifolia var. lapathifolia / Ooinutade Persicaria longiseta / Inutade
Persicaria longiseta f.albiflora / Shirobanainutade Persicaria macrantha ssp. conspicua / Sakuratade Persicaria muricata / Yanonegusa Persicaria nepalensis / Tanisoba
Persicaria orientalis / Oobenitake Persicaria perforiata / Ishimikawa Persicaria posumbu / Hanatade Persicaria praetermissa / Hosobanounagitsukami
Persicaria pubescens / Bontokutade Persicaria sagittata var. sibirica / Akinounagitsukamii Persicaria senticosa f. albiflora / Shirobanamamakonoshirinugui Persicaria senticosa / Mamakonoshirinugui
Persicaria thunbergii / Mizosoba Persicaria thunbergii var. oreophila / Yamamizosoba    
 A few species in allied genera:
Polygonum polyneuron / Akinomichiyanagi  Fallopia multiflora / Tsurudokudami    


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