Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物
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Cirsium species

Cirsiums that color hills and fields in Japanese Autumn, they have been being familiar with by Japanese people since long ago. As many as
150 different kind are found in Japan, but what I have seen are no more than one tenth of it. Anyway a few of them are very rare.

Cirsium bitchuense / Bicchuuazami Cirsium chokaiense / Choushuuazami Cirsium congestissimum / Hittsukiazami Cirsium indefensum / Togenashiazami
Cirsium indefensum./ Izumoazami Cirsium japonica var. vestitum / Keshouazami Cirsium japonicum / Noazami Cirsium japonicum f. albiflorum / Shirobananoazami
Cirsium japonicum var. okiense / Okinoazami Cirsium maruyamanum / Murakumoazami Cirsium mirabile / Obakeazami Cirsium nippoicum var. amplifolium / Oobaazami
Cirsium nippoicum var. yoshinoi / Yoshinoazami Cirsium sieboldii / Kiseruazami Cirsium sp. / Unknown  Cirsium spicatum / Yamaazami
Cirsium suffultum / Tsukushiazami Cirsium suwoense / Suouazami Cirsium taishakuense / Taishakuazami Cirsium tenuisquamatum / Sanbesawaazami
Some in allied genera
Carduus crispus / Hireazami Carduus crispu f. alba / Shirobanahireazami Saussurea gracilis / Hokuchiazami Hemistepta lyrata / Kitsuneazami
Saussurea maximowiczii / Miyakoazami Saussurea nipponica / Oodaitouhiren    
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