Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物
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Chrysosplenium species

Soft herbaceous wildflowers growing to 20cm tall, Chrysosplenium species typically grow in wet, shady locations in forests. Most of them grow below broad-leaf
deciduous trees and flower in early spring when more sunlight is available.

Chrysosplenium album / Shirobananekonomesou Chrysosplenium echinus / Iwanekonome Chrysosplenium fauriae f. ferruginiflorum / San'innekonome Chrysosplenium fauriei / Hokurikunekonomesou
Chrysosplenium flagelliferum / Tsurunekonomesou Chrysosplenium grayanum / Nekonomesou Chrysosplenium japonicum / Yamanekonomesou Chrysosplenium kiotense / Botannekonomesou
Chrysosplenium macrostemon / Iwabotan Chrysosplenium macrostemon var. shiobarense / Nikkounekonome Chrysosplenium nagasei /
Chrysosplenium pilosum / Koganenekonomesou
Chysosplenium tosaense / Tachinekonomesou      
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