Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


Spring Flowers


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Saxifragaceae /


Species in the genus Chrysosplenium:

Chrysosplenium album / Shirobananekonomesou
Chrysosplenium echinus / Iwanekonomesou
Chrysosplenium fauriei / Hokurikunekonomesou
Chrysosplenium fauriae f. ferruginiflorum / San'innekonome
Chrysosplenium flagelliferum / Tsurunekonomesou
Chrysosplenium grayanum / Nekonomesou
Chrysosplenium japonicum / Yamanekonomesou
Chrysosplenium kiotense / Botannekonomesou
Chrysosplenium kiotense f. xanthandrum / Kinshibebotannekonomesou
Chrysosplenium macrostemon / Iwabotan
Chrysosplenium macrostemon var. shiobarense / Nikkounekonome
Chrysosplenium nagasei var. nagasei / Hidabotan
Chrysosplenium pilosum / Koganenekonomesou
Chysosplenium tosaense /


Chrysosplenium kiotense f. xanthandrum / Kinshibebotannekonomesou キンシベボタンネコノメソウ

Chrysosplenium kiotense f. xanthandrum, a perennial herb, occurs in streamsides or wetlands in valleys in hilly districts. Flower stalks grow to approximately 10cm in height, with one or no pair of opposite, oblong leaves on about halfway, and with bracts, about half part yellow, on tops. Flowers are; calyx lobes tinge green and anthers yellow, and the position of the anthers lower than tips of the calyx lobes. When flowering is over, runners extend to set 2-3 pair leaves in adjacent each other in a rosette way, and winter. Bloom time: April-May.




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