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Chrysosplenium album / Shirobananekonomesou シロバナネコノ

Bloom time: April-JMay

Saxifragaceae /


Species in the genus Chrysosplenium:

Chrysosplenium album / Shirobananekonomesou
Chrysosplenium echinus / Iwanekonomesou
Chrysosplenium fauriei / Hokurikunekonomesou
Chrysosplenium fauriae f. ferruginiflorum / San'innekonome
Chrysosplenium flagelliferum / Tsurunekonomesou
Chrysosplenium grayanum / Nekonomesou
Chrysosplenium japonicum / Yamanekonomesou
Chrysosplenium kiotense / Botannekonomesou
Chrysosplenium kiotense f. xanthandrum / Kinshibebotannekonomesou
Chrysosplenium macrostemon / Iwabotan
Chrysosplenium macrostemon var. shiobarense / Nikkounekonome
Chrysosplenium nagasei var. nagasei / Hidabotan
Chrysosplenium pilosum / Koganenekonomesou
Chysosplenium tosaense /


Chrysosplenium album / Shirobananekonomesou シロバナネコノメソウ

Chrysosplenium album, a perennial herb extending runners after flowers, grows in the wet portions of forests along the valleys, whose rosettes have gone in blooming time. The whole has vellus hairs on. Leaves are opposite, each fan-shaped, less than 1cm in length, with 0.3-3cm petioles, the tops having some semicircular serrations on the margins. Flowers lack petals; calyx lobes,4 in number, are white, the tips pointed, standing erect, turning green after flower, and anthers are dark red. Bloom time: April-May.




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