Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物

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There comes blossoming of plum-trees that heralds the end of winter in Japan. As the Siberian air masses that dominate the winter weaken, high pressure and low pressure alternately pass through Japan. When enveloped by the high-pressure atmosphere, the weather is generally good with lots of sun and warmth but cold at night. On the other hand, however, when low pressure passes, there is usually lots of rainfall caused by the moisture brought in by the westerlies from the Sea of Japan. Above is the outline of the characteristic of the springtime weather.

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Viola verecunda f. candidissima / Shirayukisumire

Viola verecunda f. violascens / Murasakikomanotsume

Viola verecunda var. subaequiloba / Himeagisumire

Viola violacea  / Shihaisumire

Viola violacea f. versicolor/ Fuirihaguroshihaisumire Viola violacea f. albida / Shirobanashihaisumire

Viola violacea f. pictifolia / Konpirasumire

Viola violacea f. versicolor / Fuirishihaisumire

Viola violacea var. makinoi / Makinosumire

Viola violacea. / Haguroshihaisumire

Viola yedoensis / Nojisumire

Viola yezoensis / Hikagesumire

Viola yezoensis f. discolor / Takaosumire

Viola yezoensis var.asoana / Asohikagesumire Viola_x inouei / Usugesumire Viscum album var. coloratum / Yadorigi

Viscum album var. coloratum f. ruburo-aurantiacum / Akamiyadorigi Wahlenbergia marginata / Hinagikyou Wasabia japonica / Wasabi

Wasabia tenuis / Yuriwasabi

Weigela floribunda / Yabuutsugi

Weigela hortensis / Taniutsugi

Wisteria barachybotrys / Yamafuji

Wisteria brachybotrys f. alba / Shirobanayamafuji
Wisteria floribunda / Fuji Youngia japonica / Onitabirako Zabelia_integrifolia / Iwatsukubaneutsugi Zanthoxylum piperitum / Sanshou





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